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Dedicated to the preservation of Latham Park and supported by the generosity of its many Friends!

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Your first visit to Latham Park will enchant you ... believing that you have found the proverbial "Shangri-La." It is a privately-owned, beautiful, and peaceful retreat from the spin of your daily life.

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The park is located at 1915 S. Lemon St., in a traditional, residential area of the Morningside section of Sioux City, Iowa. Occupying almost a full acre of ground, it is home to an endless variety of flowering plants, warbling songbirds, a wonderful fountain, quiet sitting areas, and one or two friendly squirrels. We invite you to take a stroll through the park ..... feel your mind ease and your spirits soar. * For directions, please CLICK HERE *

You will find it to be the ideal setting for
a wedding, photo shoot, bridal / baby shower, or family reunion.

The Latham Park site was originally the home of Miss Clara Latham. Upon her death in 1937, the property passed into a charitable trust established for its perpetual maintenance. Her house still stands on the east edge of the park grounds. It, along with the beautiful gardens, is available for special occasion use by advance reservation.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs and dwindling trust assets, Latham Park's future has been in jeopardy. In 2003, a group of concerned citizens formed the "Friends of Latham Park Association." Members include historians, gardeners, community activists, and neighbors. Their aim is to replenish the endowment funds and preserve the park so that many more generations of Siouxlanders may come to know it.

We have set a goal of $750,000.00. < < < YES > > > It will require this amount of PRINCIPAL in order to generate an ANNUAL INCOME of $18,000 - $20,000 -- that being the current ANNUAL EXPENSES.

With this lofty goal in mind, a series of fund-raisers ensued. A wide variety of them were held those first three years.

2006 was eventful for the Park. The Historic Preservation Commission presented us with the Historic Preservation Week Award as the top "historic place." MRHD grant announcements followed, and we received $10,000 for a major upgrade of the Park's lighting system. As one of the designated charities working for Awesome Biker Nights, we netted a check for $5,505. September brought the 4th Annual "Art in the Park" and a Leisure Services Grant from the City of Sioux City for picnic table replacement.

2007 saw many more activities -- a new membership drive, an All America Band Concert, more picnic tables through Leisure Services, and the Morningside Lodge #615 held a July 4th benefit pancake breakfast for us. Our second Awesome Biker Nights June poker run & raffle ticket sales went very well, and in August, the Awesome Board presented us with a check for $5,615, which will help grow our endowment fund. The northeast garden was redesigned, and another successful "Art in the Park" went into the books.

It was again a busy year in 2008 -- a $750 Junior League grant, matched by Scott Ohlfest, took care of the cleaning & tuckpointing of the brick gazebo; a MRHD grant for $10,000 enabled us to start on our long-awaited underground sprinkler system; the 2nd Annual Morningside Lodge Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast netted almost $900; we worked the Awesome Biker Nights June poker run and ended July with a $3700 check for those efforts. July 31st was the last day on the job for caretakers Bill & Dawn Tope, who had beautified the Park for eight years. The Homebuilders Association and WIT construction class rebuilt the back porch on the house; Carter Gardner trimmed trees; Coughlin Landscaping worked on beds, grounds & trees, installed flagstone paths & moved benches; and our 6th annual "Art in the Park" was held on a beautiful September day.

2009 had lots of activities booked -- WEDDINGS, WEDDINGS, WEDDINGS. The underground sprinkler system saw completion, the 3rd Annual Morningside Lodge #615 July 4th Pancake Breakfast was well attended, bringing in over $1000, a new caretaker arrived, and September's "Art in the Park" was very well sponsored and attended, netting the Park over $4000. This 2009 event was our first judged art show -- a definite upgrade for the artists -- and very well received.

Year 2010 started off with the All-America Concert Band presenting a fund-raiser concert for us in April, new Gerkin replacement windows were installed in Clara's house by Guarantee Roofing, we purchased a new commercial-grade mower, outdoor restroom and electrical upgrades were made, another Independence Day pancake breakfast went into the books, and our 8th Annual "Art in the Park" was held in spite of the rain. Our big improvement project for the year was a complete update of the kitchen in the house, which was funded by grants -- $10,000 from MRHD and $5,000 from the Siouxland Community Foundation -- and our other annual fundraisers.

The year 2011 projects included repairs to the brick gazebo, plaster & lighting repairs to the house interior, the purchase of much needed grounds equipment, and the development of a new meditation maze in the southwest corner of the park, which was an Eagle Scout project. Our 5th Annual Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast was enjoyed by all who attended, as was the WIT Lifelong Learning evening concert by the Langleys. The popular Siouxland Barbershop Concert returned in August, while "Art in the Park" made its 9th annual run in September.

The 10th year of our organization, season 2012, is now history. The house's main floor powder room is fully functional, we have new sidewalk concrete at the back of the house, and the fountain underwent some plumbing upgrades. Our 6th Annual Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast, sponsored by Morningside Lodge #615, was a huge success due to added publicity from the S.C. Journal; it netted us more than $2000. WIT's Lifelong Learning evening concert by the Langleys and the popular Siouxland Barbershop Concert provided our musical highlights again this year. The park was full of artists & shoppers on a sunny, cool September day as "Art in the Park" made its 10th annual appearance amidst much fanfare.

In 2013 several Park fundraisers took us closer to our house painting goal. We have added many new and valuable volunteers; three dead trees have been removed. The 7th Annual Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast, sponsored by Morningside Lodge #615, was very successful, again netting us more than $2000. Wonderful news -- we have received a grant that allows us to move one huge project into our current timetable -- see the "Bulletin Board" below. The annual barbershop concert saw its biggest crowd ever, and the 11th Annual Art in the Park was well attended on a perfect day, which showcased several new artists. Winning artists were:

Jess Elofson - Best of Show
J. Mark Lary - Award of Excellence
Rhonda Wittkop - Award of Excellence

If anyone has ideas for 2014 Park fundraisers or wants to sponsor a Park improvement project, please contact us. Our current priority is to repaint the house exterior. Please stay tuned for other ongoing news!


> > > The Park will open next month for the season < < <

Attention, Artists !

Information & registration forms for this year's annual art festival
are now available on our "Art in the Park" page

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Friends of Latham Park sincerely thank the

for making Latham Park a beneficiary
of its 2013 grant program,
enabling us to install period fencing around the park
to enhance the aesthetics and security of the property

This project has been on our wish list for several years!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next "Friends" meeting is scheduled for:
May 13th
Tuesday, 7 P.M., at the Latham House

If you have time and talent to lend to our cause,
we'd love to have you join us!

Remember, the house is available for small group meetings
throughout the year.
To reserve the grounds or house for your event,
call Matt at 712-276-6016

< < < UPDATES > > >

Fall 2013 -- Here's one section of the new Latham Park fence today --
freshly installed, defining the Park's perimeter --
all thanks to the Gilchrist Foundation grant

You can follow the rest of our progress by clicking on the "Legacy" link below.

To find out how you can help save the Park,
please visit our "LEGACY" page


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