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The Friends of Latham Park

Join us - Volunteer

Make a difference in the park's preservation

The Friends of Latham Park Association is a group of neighbors and concerned citizens from around the city of Sioux City.


Meetings are held at 7:00 P.M. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Latham home - 1915 S. Lemon St., Sioux City.

Join us and make a difference.


  • Mission Statement:
    To perpetuate the park as a place of beauty and enjoyment for Siouxland residents; to act as an advisory group to the Security National Bank of Sioux City, the Trustee for The Clara Latham Park Trust:

    • Research and develop methods, projects and programs that support the operating and capital improvement budgets as well as increasing the value of the endowment

    • Preserve and enhance Latham Park for future generations

    • Encourage area residents to appreciate gardening, historic preservation and natural beauty


  • Vision Statement:
    To be a destination place for all people who enjoy beauty, or seek a place of reflection, by providing:

    • Beautiful garden displays

    • A well maintained house and grounds

    • A retreat for visitors

    • A Siouxland presence

    • A gardening education opportunity for young and old alike

    • Dedication to a common cause


  • Membership:
    Open to any persons / businesses / organizations interested in preserving Latham Park:

    • Executive Board - 7 members: 4 elected officers / 3 appointed committee chairs

    • General Membership - annual dues of $35 per household

    • Sponsorship - donations of $50 or more in cash, materials or services


  • Executive Board:

    • President - Karen Riley

    • Vice-President - Sheryl Brosamle

    • Secretary/Treasurer - Judie Hayward/Pat Roberts

    • House & Grounds Co-Chairs - John & Michelle DiBerardino

    • Fundraising Chair - Karen Riley

    • Events Chair - vacancy - if you have media connections, we want you


  • Active Members:

    • Jill Swanson

    • Sheryl Brosamle

    • Judie Hayward

    • Michelle DiBerardino

    • Pat Roberts

    • Karen Riley

    • Steve Hotvedt

    • Laurie Taylor

    • Andrew Gerodias

    • Marc & Ellen Andre Christofferson

    • Nancy Dobyns

    • Mary Case

    • Gloria Zook

    • Charlie Barker

    • Donna Johnson

  • Committees:

    • House and Grounds
      Restoring and maintaining Latham Park's infrastructure at a level of beauty and functionality it once experienced, using today's ideas and resources, while striving to honor Clara Latham's wishes

    • Fund Raising / Grants
      Preserving and protecting the legacy of Clara Latham by securing the financial resources needed to insure the perpetuation of the Park

    • Events
      Conducting activities within Latham Park in order to showcase the park's beauty, raising public awareness of its accessibility, and spreading the word to others about this "Hidden Treasure."

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